The latest data (2017) from the United States NIEHS (NTP programme) show a clear link between exposure to microwave radiation and initiation of brain and heart tumours. These new scientific and medical data cost 25 million US dollars and almost 18 years to complete. The findings of this data will inform Congress on the biological harm from microwave radiation. This evidence-based approach should allow Congress to effectively legislate in cutting down our exposure to these types of signals. The NTP (National Toxicology Programme) is a world-renowned research arm of the US government mandated to assess and evaluate toxicological and carcinogenic effects from a variety of natural and artificial substances. European and most other countries use the same safety legislation as that used by the United States of America.

The evidence is now clear, exposure to cell phone tower, wifi, smartphone and cordless phone microwave emissions increases substantially, the initiation of so-called ‘rare’ cancers. It may take some time before suitable legislation to reduce and eventually eliminate microwave radiation-enabled devices are outlawed. Whilst all this goes on, we must take safety matters into our own hands by individually adopting a ‘precautionary principle’. The precautionary principle says that until all the safety data is evaluated properly and legislation put in place to limit exposure, we voluntarily limit our use of these devices to the absolute and bare minimum. At the very least and in the interim, warnings of carcinogenicity must be advertised prominently at the point of sale for smart tv, smartphones, smart meters, wifi routers, baby monitors, apple iphones, apple ipods, apple watches and airport body scanners. 

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