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We live in a swirl and whirl of ‘electrosmog’ i.e. artificially produced electromagnetic frequencies. Electrosmog is a term that describes a collection of radio signals emitted from almost anything requiring a battery or power supply to work.  In terms of health, we can say that there is huge controversy whether exposure to elf (extremely low frequency) i.e. signals up  to about 300 Hz causes cancer. Similarly, in our digitally-joined up world there is also huge scientific debate whether microwave radiation causes cancers. Microwave radiation is the frequency used by mobile cell phones,smartphones, smart TVs, smart meters, DECT cordless phones, fidget watches, wifi routers, baby monitors, airport scanners, Bluetooth devices and numerous other consumer devices that connect you and your white goods to the Internet. The biggest consistent brand culprit in terms of high radio-frequency radiation and their exposure to our biology including babies, children and the elderly are Apple products, especially their Iphones, tablets and watches. 

It is astonishing that the band of frequencies chosen for the above devices i.e. microwave frequencies have not been tested for safety on children, young adults, pregnant women and the elderly. The organisation responsible for bringing these devices to market and into the home of consumers is not even a government department. It is staffed by a group of physicists who have strong links to the telecommunications industries. This private company have no medical expertise they could call on to say whether or not these devices are safe to use. Their sole reason for existence is to provide a convenient legislative  ‘entry’ for the use of microwave frequencies in the use of cell phones, smartphones and other wifi-enable devices. Recent scientific and medical data from the  NTP (National Toxicology Programme) which is a world-renowned research arm of the US government clearly shows that exposure to microwave radiation initiates cancers of the heart and brain. 
Much of the hazards and dangers associated with the use of cell phones etc are hidden deep in the small print and many individuals including those who should know better, have no idea that their smartphone and smart-TV use the same frequencies used in microwave ovens. The medical evidence is indicating that over the past 20 years or so, various so-called ‘rare’ cancer types are increasing masively. See my blog page for this evidence. The advice from government regulators such as Public Health England are irrelevant because (a) they are looking for the wrong symptoms and (b) the position of Public Health England was scientifically compromised with conflicts of interest when it was shown that members of their advisory group (AGNIR), Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation were also part of the standards setting organisation, the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP). The ICNIRP is responsible for ensuring exposure safety from these devices. Whichever way you look at it and particularly in relation to safety, regulatory and legislative matters, the wolf does lie in the same bed as the sheep. Nor should it sup from the same table.
 From a historical perspective i.e. smoking, asbestos and DDT etc a certain amount of time is needed for health issues to come up, be recognised and legislated for. My blog page shows that over the past 15 years or so there are many thousands of peer-reviewed articles and studies which show a causal association between exposure to microwave radiation and induction of so-called ‘rare’ brain tumours such as glioblastomas. Brain tumours are rising for those individuals using mobile phones on a daily basis. Our telecommunication regulators (PHE) do not recognise cancers and other adverse biological diseases as being caused by microwave radiation. Significantly, they have not even carried out any scientific research to test their own scientific hypothesis. They rely solely on the advice of the private organisation called the ICNIRP. This is the same organisation that has over the years, worked closely with the telecommunications industries. It is the ICNIRP which has ultimate responsible in deciding whether these consumer items are safe to use. Asking the telecoms industries to say whether or not their products are safe is like asking a wolf whether meat or grass is their favourite snack!!  


The precautionary Principle

 Whilst all this goes on, we must take safety matters into our own hands by individually adopting a ‘precautionary principle’. The precautionary principle says that until all the safety data is evaluated properly we should voluntarily limit our use of these devices to the absolute and bare minimum. At the same time, industry and its government regulators should not allow any new products to market and to ensure that consumers understand the risks from these devices as fully as possible.


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