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The latest scientific research from the U.S. government National Toxicology Programme (NTP) rodent cancer study published in 2017 shows clear evidence that exposure to microwave radiation causes cancer and other ill health effects. Microwave frequencies are used by smartphones, DECT cordless phones, smart TVs, smart meters, smart watches, fitbits, wifi routers, baby monitors, airport full body scanners, Bluetooth and numerous other consumer gadgets. The NTP data show direct causal effects of microwave radiation and initiation of cancers such as glioblastomas (brain tumours) and schwannoma tissue heart cancer. Due to our increasing exposure to such devices, more and more of us are also becoming electro-hyper-sensitive to microwave radiation and suffering from a variety of adverse biological effects. Click here to download over 500 scientific abstacts on health effects from exposure to microwave radiation from J. Moskowitz .


If you are worried about your exposure to microwave frequencies, browse my site to understand more about these modern day hazards, their effect on our health and how to reduce your exposures.