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Welcome to my website, where you will find a wealth of information regarding high end electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their dangers to our health.

A little historical context – during the development of radar by all the so-called super-powers from the 1930s onwards, it was well known and documented that exposure to microwave radiation initiated many adverse biological effects including cancers. Between the 1940s and up to the present day, militaries around the world have been catalouging these effects. The question to ask the telecoms industries and their regulators – are they not aware that as far back as the 1930s, occupational exposure to microwave radiation led to many observed adverse biological as well as thermal effects. In fact, it was the norm to assess biological effects because the causes of the observed cancers needed to be understood much better.  Hard to believe? Download and check out this US military review of the available literature up to about the mid-1980s – you will be shocked to understand that even though many scientists defined microwave radiation as ‘non-ionising’ they knew exposure to these frequencies initiated cancers of different types. Click here.



More and more scientific research shows that exposure to smartphones, DECT cordless phones, smart TVs, smart meters, smart watches, wifi routers, baby monitors, airport full body scanners, Bluetooth devices etc. negatively affects our health and causes cancer. The latest scientific data from the National Toxicology Programme show direct causal effects of mobile phone frequencies and initiation of cancers such as glioblastomas (brain tumours) and schwannamars (heart tumours). Due to our increasing exposure to such devices, more and more of us are also becoming electro-hyper-sensitive to EMFs and suffering from a variety of adverse biological effects. 


If you are worried about your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and their effect on your health, contact me to book a survey.




For individuals and their families, I offer two levels of service in measuring exposure to electromagnetic frequencies in your home or office and offer advice on how to reduce your exposure.


For schools and local education authorities, I look at the use of WIFI in schools and offer advice on how school administrators can put in place alternative systems of internet connectivity and /or adapt current ICT usage for best exposure reduction practice.


For any other organisations, I also offer a consultancy service. I am happy to discuss all aspects of our digitally connected world via phone, email or in person.


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