Mobile phone technology and mass mind control

Mobile phone frequencies and their effect on our etheric, spiritual and physical bodies


The light from our Central Sun is shining very bright; it is creative and full of Love. It will illuminate all those dark deeds that were hatched out between men in black suits in cigar-filled boardrooms all those years ago. The intent of those who chose microwave frequencies for telecommunication purposes is multi-layered and full of deceit. One of its aims is to slow down our spiritual awakening because they are afraid of losing control. Another aim is to mass mind control the global population via its use of microwave-enabled consumer toys. A further aim is to decrease the global population by inducing sickness and disease. Its long term aim is also to slow down and stop conception, full term pregnancy and births – this is a multi-generational slow kill policy and we will not see it coming until it is here - or we awaken. 

It is perfectly normal for individuals within society to communicate with each other yet the microwave and other frequencies chosen to facilitate our joined-up world of communications are very dangerous to our biology. I predict that as many more people awaken to the dangers from exposure to microwave radiation, we will be demanding answers from the regulators, telecoms industries and allied politicians. This article will detail the how and why these highly damaging biological frequencies were introduced into our living and bedrooms and their effects on our biology in terms of cancer causation and covert population mind control.

I stand on the shoulders of giants Lisa Renee ( and Dr Bob Becker(2) in writing this article because they have written extensively about the links between electromagnetic radiation and its effects on our health, biology and spiritual Selves. For this article I focus specifically on the safety of microwave radiation used in mobile phones and other gadgets because it is these bands of frequencies (between 1 GHz – 5 GHz) that have catalysed disease and ill-ease within the general population. The latency period of between 5 – 15 years before seeing adverse biological effects from exposure to microwave radiation has now passed. We should expect to see many more ‘rare’ cancers located at one side of the head and gonad areas (for males) provided the medical profession knows what to look for. Issues of non-reporting at hospitals and doctor surgeries can be explained due to ignorance caused by the antics and ‘smoke and mirrors’ of the telecoms industries. For example, much of the safety data for these gadgets is hidden deep inside the small print. This includes basic information relating to not allowing young children to use mobile phones. As a global population we are at saturation point from exposure to microwave-enabled devices, yet we are being persuaded to evermore increase our exposure by buying more smartphones, smart meters, smart TVs, wireless headsets, keyboards and baby monitors etc. ad nauseum. (Just as I finished this article I happened across this report which details a massive rise in cancers of the central nervous system and brain in Denmark, particularly amongst the young (7).)


Within the next few years, 5G will roll out devices linked to the ‘internet of things’. If this is allowed to happen our global population will be within the cross-hairs of localized, very efficient and powerful antennas. These new antennas will actually be ‘antenna systems’ with many antennas joined together in various configurations that will result in the emission of very powerful high end microwave radiation. The new 5G devices will use frequencies between 50 GHz – 150 GHz. No safety data related to exposure to these frequencies have been submitted for authorization of use. A future article will detail research carried out from the 1940s that show the absolute biological madness in introducing high power microwave radiation into our living rooms and workplaces.






What do we know about microwave radiation and exposures?

In the old days of radar development back in the 1940s, electro-hyper-sensitivty (EHS) was well known in Europe, America and the USSR as ‘microwave sickness’. Microwave sickness affected a small percentage of individuals working in the development of radar. It was observed and documented that the incidence of personnel engaged in weapons design radar work suffered much higher incidences and rates of cancers. These workers also suffered all sorts of adverse biological effects as well as enduring sleep pattern disruption and more.  Interestingly, there is a vast literature related to the development of radar and consequent safety studies dating back from the 1940s. Cancers and other biological ills were linked to exposure to microwave radiation and defined as ‘non-thermal’ effects. Besides the study of non thermal effects (also called biological effects), these early safety studies also catalogued thermal effects which is the simple heating of skin tissue when irradiated by microwave radiation.


It is clear to me that towards the late 1950s onwards there was a vast literature of safety studies detailing both thermal and non thermal effects and that non thermal effects were deemed the most biologically damaging. What is unclear to me is (a) how current safety standards relating to exposure to microwave radiation are suddenly based on thermal effects only and (b) how responsibility for setting these safety standards is left to a private organisation staffed mostly by key ex-telecoms personnel. This organisation is called the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation & Protection (ICNIRP) and it has no expertise in assessing the effects of microwave radiation on the body. The ICNIRP set maximum exposure levels in 1998 and the values it set then have not changed since.  Bizarrely, the ICNIRP has had no oversight on its operations by any government or regulatory safety body and it is more or less allowed free reign to produce whatever decisions, data and maximum exposure levels it deems fit. The people at the top of this private organisation have worked in or have been allied to the telecommunications industries for much of their working lives. They understand what drives this industry and no-one has asked the question: 'Is there a conflict of interest in allowing ex-telecom people to set maximum exposure levels to workers and members of the public?' This role should be carried out by governments and their medical, scientific and epidemiological divisions. The safety of millions of consumers is potentially at risk if profit is allowed to come before people. 

An important point in relation to the imminent introduction of 5G devices, the ICNIRP issue advice on the maximum level of microwave exposure and set safety standards up to 300 GHz. In other words, the telecoms industries and government regulators will once again ignore non thermal effects simply because the ICNIRP for reasons best known to themselves base their safety setting standards on thermal effects only - caveat emptor!!

The ICNIRP has set a maximum permissible level of exposure many thousand of times higher than what many countries would actually allow and use.  This allows the telecoms industry (a) significant leeway in the amount of transmit powers that can be legally used and (b) to argue that because the day to day transmit powers of their transmitters are thousands of times lower than allowed that it is not possible for thermal effects to occur. Most significantly, it allows the regulators of this industry to draft legislation and give out advice to consumers solely based on thermal heating effects. In other words, all the advice on microwave exposure from the UK regulatory body Public Health England (PHE) - formerly PHA, formerly NRPB - is based on thermal effects only. The reality is that PHE can legitimately ignore or give no credence to any studies involving non thermal or biological effects simply because UK legislation on these matters is based purely on thermal heating effects only.

Members of PHE, ICNIRP, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the AGNIR and significant political and telecoms ‘movers and shaker’s' seem to rotate around these various organizations at some stage in their working lives. One day Mr X is head of the telecom industry technical and PR branch and the next day is working for the WHO advisory branch on non-ionising radiation!! Obviously, there appear many conflicts of interest because the sheep and fox should be separated from each other at all times. Incidentally, a major conflict of interest lies in the fact that some members of Health Protection England responsible for all matters non-ionising are also influential members of the standards setting organization of the ICNIRP(8). Clearly, they will end up defending the very exposure levels they were partially responsible for drawing up when wearing their ICNIRP hats. This same UK regulatory safety and legislative body is also charged with giving advice to ministers, members of the UK parliament and the UK population on all matters relating to non-ionisnig radiation.  

All of the above adds up to a very nasty smell in the noses of consumers because it appears that the telecom industries, safety standards bodies and governmental regulators have consciously chosen to ignore non thermal effects completely and they all sing from the same hymn sheet on all these important safety matters. Most people would say, “how on Earth can a product be safety tested and authorised for use on just one half of its safety data?” yet that is what has happened and it has happened right under our noses. The media coverage of these affairs is absolutely abysmal and is conspicuous by its absence. Most people obtain their world view on such issues from what they read in papers and see on their TV screens but if all we ever see is the must have latest Ipad, Iphone etc. it is little wonder that most are completely unaware of the real and significant dangers microwave radiation has on them and their family members.  


In the mid-1950s the American Department of Defense directed the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) to carry out a comprehensive review on the safety of microwave radiation on individuals involved in the use of radar. They cited many hundreds of studies from a vast literature trawl of scientific, medical and epidemiological studies related to both thermal and non-thermal effects of microwave radiation on our biology. This safety review can be found here (link). It is clear from a casual reading of this data that the modern day telecoms industries and bodies charged with providing safety standards for microwave-enabled products decided to ignore non-thermal effects (also called biological effects). You would expect any government wanting to protect its population from highly damaging microwave radiation to provide its own exposure safety level standards. Significantly, most Western governments and their militaries knew there was huge safety problems using these frequencies yet they allowed a set of private organizations, mostly consisting of physicists, to define maximum levels of microwave exposure. These same organizations had no expertise in biological effects. I repeat, these organizations had no medical doctors nor clinician advisory groups they could consult. They must have been aware of non thermal effects on our biology based on the wealth of medical and scientific literature available. Regardless, they chose to completely ignore non thermal effects and ran with thermal effects only.


There is a lot more that can be said about the relationship between individuals within the telecoms industry, the so-called safety standards private organizations and their governmental regulators but I specifically focus here on the safety mantra of the telecoms industry, which is  that exposure to microwave radiation is safe and that the exposure of the general population is thousands of times less than the maximum exposure level allowed.  


If you look at the graph below, it shows that exposure to microwave radiation was set at 1000 µW cm-2 by the ICNIRP, yet countries such as Austria and other European countries set their own maximum microwave exposure levels to the population many thousands of times below that value. This suggests that some individual countries, such as Austria and Lichtenstein, have little faith in the safety guidelines issued by the safety-standards organization called the ICNIRP. Another way at looking at the differences in setting maximum exposure levels between countries is to simply argue that there is no scientific nor medical consensus on what constitutes a safe level at which a maximum value of microwave exposure can be defined.


Microwave exposure maximum level differences by country


In the United Kingdom, electro hyper-sensitivity (EHS) is not even defined as a recognisable disease with its range of adverse biological effects. Those individuals, approximately 4% of the population, most affected by exposure to microwave radiation will need to seek the counsel of those who know exactly what is going on. They will also need to petition Parliament and become involved in raising awareness to what is currently going on under the radar of society in relation to the safety of microwave-enabled products. The Nordic countries however do recognize EHS as a disease and their local councils provide EMF-blocking remediation funds or relocation to a region low in microwave signals.  


Electrosmog and the digital age

We now live in a digital age that is seamlessly connected up via WIFI, Bluetooth and other forms of microwave transmitters that have produced what we call ‘electrosmog’. I define electrosmog as a sea of microwave frequencies that has only recently been introduced into the playground of the general population. Of course, electrosmog also includes all induced or artificially generated radiofrequencies from DC (direct current) to daylight. For purposes of this article, however, I limit electrosmog frequencies to microwave and ELF (extremely low frequencies) below 300 Hz.

To put all of the above into perspective, our physical bodies have evolved within the presence of background microwave radiation that originated from the remnants of the ‘big bang’. Within just 20 years however, we have exposed our physiological and biological bodies to microwave frequencies 1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion) times higher than background level(3). That is to say, our bodies have not had sufficient time to evolve in response to these massive changes in exposure. Not only that, but the ways in which we add intelligence i.e. data, voice or video to these microwave signals is by pulsing extremely low frequency (ELF) modulation techniques. These facts alone should tell us that any safety data related to microwave radiation exposure should be treated with caution because (a) non thermal effects are missing from safety studies and (b) no one has any real idea on the timescales between exposure and cancer induction or other long term effects of either weak or strong signal intensity microwave radiation on our biology.


The above more or less deals with our 3D world and physical biology. It gets really interesting when we consider the effects of pulsed microwave radiation on our spiritual bodies. In order for anything to manifest within our 3D reality, including disease, it is manifested into this reality via the spirit world, or our Greater Reality.


Tumbling down the rabbit hole: our spiritual and biological setup

Our spiritual ‘biology’ is complex because we exist within many dimensions. Besides the multidimensional nature of our consciousness, we are also conscious and subconscious travelers within and between dimensions. We are both part of yet the same as the One Creator. Thus our reality can be defined within the ‘Greater Reality’ or one of its dimensions. When fully merged within our Greater Reality, All is still and Just is. It is impossible to experience anything other than what we are and that is Unconditional Love. We venture out to other dimensions to experience other parts of ourselves These other dimensions afford us opportunities to experience the up as well as the down, the hot and the cold and the left and the right. In other words, we get the chance to experience everything we are not. That is the basis of our sacred and divine journey back to the One. Each one of us is an individuated sliver of God-Consciousness, accruing experiences which we ultimately bring back to the One so that It may experience Itself. Each dimension is different, which affords different opportunities of experience. Our 3D reality for example has a set of basic consciousness constructors which include electricity and magnetism over which a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ is laid. These vibrational decriptors define all those things we see and believe to be solid and real. Thus, everything within this 3D so-called physical reality is as Tesla noted “energy, frequency and vibration”.  Our 3D physical reality is nothing more than an illusion conjured up vibrationally in order for us to experience everything and anything we desire from the perspective of its Greater Reality. Regrettably, the word ‘illusion’ does not do justice to that which we experience in our 3D reality and how we experience Life within our 3D physical bodies.  


In other words, we exist as multidimensional beings and our vibratory signature can be felt in this 3D realm and other dimensions. If we tumble down the rabbit hole a bit further we can also say that the 3D reality we are currently experiencing is an inwardly-generated hologram. We continually create everything within our vision, touch or hearing, day in and day out. The hologram is a demonstration of our creative powers yet for the most part and for most people, we have simply forgotten that this is just the way of things. This holographic game is made possible due to specific electromagnetic frequencies manifesting matter of particular types, form, shape and composition. Our hologram is not only composed of physical matter, it also includes our awareness of consciousness e.g. notions of love, beauty and hate. It is however, the depth and breadth of our emotions that ultimately determine what shows up in our reality. That is a measure of how creatively powerful we are, either consciously or subconsciously. We are the driver of everything happening in our life but in a very literal sense, there is no-one else in the room but me or you, all else is Illusion. In that sense and within our 3D reality, energies, frequencies and vibration are everything. A basic demonstration of this can be found in the works of Hans Jenner who coined the term, Cymatics. This is the study of how different frequencies change the shape and form of physical matter.


Therefore, our physical and spiritual bodies are in complex relationship to each other and to the Cosmos itself. We can call the Cosmos anything we like, such as Creative Source, the Unmoved Mover or the Process of Life, Life or the  Process. Our physical bodies also hold the divine and sacred consciousness slivers of our True Greater Reality Selves. In essence we continually and simultaneously transmit and receive electromagnetic signals between two distinct realities. We are, in fact, transducers of energy between the Greater Reality and our 3D physical selves. Thus change in frequency from any source whether from electrosmog, poor air quality, tainted foods etc. can negatively or positively impact our state of Being. If different frequencies determine different types of matter or form, or a certain type of conscious thinking, it is very plausible to argue that we can also knock off balance anyone or anything by exposing that person to a different frequency or set of frequencies.


Life in 3D is not only bound vibrationally, it is also the realm of free will and choice. We can subconsciously give away our power unintentionally by playing the role of victim and in one (3D) sense that is perfectly understandable. In a sense, we have forgotten who we are, the purpose of the Illusion and our True Purpose in being here. Life, mindfully pushes us around. Within this dimension there is another method in which we lose sovereignty over our reality and that is through the dark intent of another to control us.   Mind control of an individual or individuals represents a violent intrusion into the sovereignty of consciousness. Due to the electromagnetic nature of our 3D selves, it is relatively easy to influence thought and behaviour of another by exposing that individual to energies of a specific frequency and vibration. To find out how and why this is possible we need to understand the bio-electric nature of our 3D selves.


Cell to cell bioelectrical signaling and Ascension

Lisa Renee says that electromagnetic signals are responsible for the electronic wave data we experience in our reality. For example, spiritual initiations begin with data transmissions or ‘downloads’ between the creative Source and our 3D electromagnetic selves. It is essential these events are understood because now is the time of Ascension in which all of humanity is being offered the gift of enlightenment through an increase in our vibratory frequency, mostly via changes in the magnetics of the Earth. Everyone is being exposed to heightened vibrational frequencies that are capable of turning our inner and outer world upside down and inside out. As we increase our vibrational frequencies, the veil between 3D and other higher dimensions becomes thinner. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, heightened intuition and feelings of Oneness for example will personify the new Human Being. These gifts of awakening come through our spiritual bodies and into our physical reality via our biological Self.  Therefore, we should have some understanding of how the human body works when exposed to energies from our God-Source or other sources. Those who have experienced a significant spiritual awakening may describe it as a bolt of lightning that entered their crown chakra literally sweeping them to their knees. Renee describes this event as a high vibrational electromagnetic signal from Spirit that impacts the conduit of our nervous system via its ion channels. In response, the ion channels transmit an electromagnetic signal that communicates directly with our DNA. Our DNA holds memory of all that we are, what our spiritual quotient is and where we are in our journey back to the One.  

Getting back to our bio-electrical biology, Renee goes on further to say that the ions within our body, particularly those ions in the liquid state, easily produce electrolytic solutions capable of conducting an electric current. Besides conducting electrical signals i.e. nerve impulses in order for the nervous system to function, our cells can be likened to miniature batteries and electrical generators that also create or generate electromagnetic frequencies. Any imbalance of ions or their transport across cell membranes however will result in a decrease in cell-to-cell communication and alteration in resonant frequency of all affected biological components. This may lead to a feeling of being unwell, off-colour or sick.  Proper functioning of our central nervous system is very important simply because we are bio-electrical beings. This is especially important to remember when we expose our biology to high energy microwave radiation. Electro-hyper-sensitives for example may experience currents running down their arms and body or having a metallic taste in their mouth. These microwave currents may interfere with the central nervous system leading to loss in cell-to-cell communication efficiency. It is indeed a fitting title for EHS (electro-hyper-sensitives) that ‘electro’ from ‘electro-magnetic’ or ‘electron volt’ more or less describes the probable cause of this extreme reaction to EMFs.   


Dr Robert Becker MD

An early pioneer in all things bio-electric was a medical doctor called Bob Becker. He specialised and pioneered the process of animal regeneration of limbs, notably salamander limbs. He became interested in work published in a Russian biological journal on how plants grow by infusion of electrical signals. Becker was intrigued by these data and began to experiment with electrical impulses within the body and how they could be manipulated to initiate regeneration of lost (salamander) body limbs. He was also interested in finding out why some types of bone fractures failed to heal. He was partially successful in using electrical impulses to initiate bone healing – a big thing in its day.

Becker was very much against what we now define as electrosmog and he was first to coin the term ‘electromagnetic pollution’ due to work he carried out on individuals exposed to ELFs from electrical powerlines. He was also the first in carrying out multi-generational studies of mice exposed to electromagnetic ELF (extremely low frequency) fields from powerlines. Becker was astonished at the pace of disease initiated in these mice. He was one of the very few medical doctors of his time to really understand the role of bioelectricity in the human body and how disturbances such as induced electromagnetic fields adversely impacted health. He worked at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e. extremely low frequencies (ELFs <300 Hz) and his work in this area should have served as a warning to anyone with eyes to see that close proximity to even weak artificially-induced EMF fields may have undesired consequences on our (electro)-biology. The same type of reasoning can be applied to exposure from microwave radiation which is found at the opposite end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our electro-biological signature frequencies can be adversely impacted from exposure to microwave radiation which catapults the body electric outside its optimum range of working frequencies, subsequently leading to ill health or disease.

Renee also says that our DNA emits low electromagnetic signals that ensure cell integrity, role and differentiation and that cells also communicate with each other. By altering the frequency of these cells, genetic mutation is possible. This is what I think happens when our physical body is exposed to either weak or strong electromagnetic waves of microwave frequencies. The instruction sets within our DNA are blasted apart as proteins collapse within themselves to form gooey substances resulting in adverse genetic physical changes in the code itself. Each organ in our body, including our chakras and aura, vibrate at specific frequencies or around a band of optimum frequencies. When we feel off-colour, it is usually due to one or more of our body organs being pulled off frequency or being forced to operate outside its optimum vibrational range of ‘at-ease body’ frequencies. In other words, this frequency-dependent hologram we live within has its own rules and geometrically-defined language of expression. Thus, everything is frequency dependent, there is a place for everything and everything must be in its place. The similarity of form, shape and function of physical matter can also be seen at both the micro and macro level. This is evidence of cosmic purpose and intelligence. This intelligence of Process obviously includes ourselves because we, in effect, are the Matrix.

The above provides a snapshot on how ill ease, disease, genetic changes, mutation and genetic variability might occur in our biology when subject to exposure from EMFs.  The next step in tumbling down this ever-widening rabbit hole is to describe what happens when certain frequencies are used to en-trance or entrain our consciousness in order to influence and shape our thinking processes.


Part II: Microwave Radiation & Mass mind control

Mobile phone technology uses microwave frequencies as transmit signals between itself (the transmitter) and other (receiving) phone networks. Besides a transmit frequency to establish contact between phone users, we also need to be able to talk or send information to each other. There are various ways in which the telecoms industry attaches or modulates intelligence i.e. data, voice or video to the main microwave frequency. Mobile phone technology is, by its very nature overly complicated. It was made that way to deter ordinary people from finding out the makeup and composition of these digitally-composed microwave signals. Suffice to say that modulating signals are inter-laced to the main microwave carrier frequency to carry intelligence. It is however the pulsed nature of the output, or transmitted signal, that is a deep cause of concern. A signal of about 8 Hz is used in a GSM (Global Sysytem Mobile)(4). This is an interesting frequency to use (once again) simply because it is very close to the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz, which lies within the bottom end of alpha brainwave frequencies. In other words, our brainwave activity can be easily captured or resonated by artificial signals of the same or similar frequency. This is because we evolved in an environment constantly transmitting a frequency of 7.83 Hz and our state of being is very open to these bands of low end frequencies. The Schumann Constant has been described as the heartbeat of the planet. The vibrational or signal intensity of this frequency can be increased artificially using mobile phone transmissions of 8 Hz which may impact adversely on our state of Being. The table below gives an indication of frequency versus state of being.


Brainwave activities and telecommunication transmit signals(5)


Alpha Waves: “This frequency range bridges the gap between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. In other words, alpha is the frequency range between beta and theta. It helps us calm down when necessary and promotes feelings of deep relaxation. If we become stressed, a phenomenon called “alpha blocking” may occur which involves excessive beta activity and very little alpha. Essentially the beta waves “block” out the production of alpha because we become too aroused”(5).


Alpha wave frequencies 8 – 12 Hz

State of being



Telecommunication signal frequency GSM 8 Hz



Too little vibration

Anxiety, high stress, insomnia, OCD

Too much vibration

Daydreaming, inability to focus, too relaxed

Above 12 Hz

Similar to using alcohol, marijuana, relaxants and some antidepressants




Beta Waves:  “These are known as high frequency low amplitude brain waves that are commonly observed while we are awake. They are involved in conscious thought, logical thinking, and tend to have a stimulating affect. Having the right amount of beta waves allows us to focus and complete school or work-based tasks easily. Having too much beta may lead to us experiencing excessive stress and/or anxiety. The higher beta frequencies are associated with high levels of arousal. When you drink caffeine or have another stimulant, your beta activity will naturally increase. Think of these as being very fast brain waves that most people exhibit throughout the day in order to complete conscious tasks such as: critical thinking, writing, reading, and socialization”(5).


Beta wave frequencies 12 – 40 Hz

State of being



Telecommunication signal frequency TETRA 17.64 Hz and 70.56 Hz


Conscious focus, memory, problem solving

Too little vibration

ADHD, daydreaming, depression, poor cognition

Too much vibration

Adrenaline, anxiety, high arousal, inability to relax, stress

Above 40 Hz

Coffee, energy drinks, various stimulants


It is easy to see what happens around us on a daily basis when people become engrossed in their phones. It is like a scene from a zombie film. They become entrained to this piece of plastic and in doing so, block out the rest of their reality. There is the sad story of a man who recently died walking off the edge of a cliff in southern England whilst using his mobile phone. Similar ‘fixation’ alpha states also occur when we watch TV, cinema screens or use computers. The same types of mind control technologies are unleashed onto our trusting consciousness.

A second example of frequency-based mind control can be hinted at by the use of different sets of frequencies that are able to elicit other forms of hyped up and irrational behaviours. A big user of TETRA digital phone technology is the police force, particularly in Europe. Police forces and other civil emergency organisations use a form of encrypted telecommunication known as TETRA which pulse ELFs at three different frequencies.  

“Specifically, TETRA multiframes coincide with the electrical frequency of the heart, and the 17.64Hz frames (or handset pulses) with beta brain frequencies (13Hz to 40Hz). And the 70.56Hz pulse is a muscular electrical frequency”(6).

I often wondered why some aspects of violent policing we see on youtube and elsewhere border on the extreme to say the least. Is it possible that police personnel who are exposed to resonance effects from TETRA ELF pulsed signals of 17.64 Hz are covertly mind controlled? To my way of thinking, it is possible and if one had use of a decent spectrum analyser it should be possible to determine frequency and signal intensity of these mind-numb signals and relate these data to what is happening on the ground. In other words, if one sees manipulation of TETRA ELF signals during normal routine police work and compares these data to when police attends riots or other incidents involving large numbers of the public, this would suggest a covert mind control strategy is at play in which the police response mode is unknowingly hitched up a step or two dependent on what scenario the Controllers desire.

The elephant in the living room of course is the exposure of police officers to highly damaging pulsed microwave radiation. Typically, TETRA signals are much stronger than levels used by mobile phone industries. Time will tell providing the police force unions do not attempt the practice of non-reporting of cancers etc.



The importance of water to state of being


Water surrounding the DNA molecule

Water in its natural state i.e. spring water or natural mineral water is so important to our health. De-ionised water or intensely treated and purified water is devoid of life and should be avoided. Similarly, water contaminated with fluorides, oestrogen-like substances and other industrial pollutants should be avoided. Renee says that the role of water in forming ions and body electrolytes is crucial in ensuring that electromagnetic transmissions within and between DNA are able to proceed as intended. She says:

“Electromagnetic transmission of DNA’s genetic information is carried through water, which imprints the base template. Water has memory. Water memory is the ability of water to retain memory of substances previously dissolved in it, as well as hold the memory of DNA imprints, and higher consciousness effects. Thus, the high water and electrolytic content within the human body fluids, acts as a highly conductive memory body for all electrical currents, and especially extremely low frequencies (ELF). This makes the human body perfectly capable of DNA transmission through electromagnetic signaling, which allows the consciousness and body to communicate with many different frequency signals”.

The ability of DNA to communicate with itself and the Cosmos has recently become more efficient due to recent changes in the magnetic properties of our Earth. These changes have enabled parts of our ‘junk DNA’ to become activated. Crucially, our third strand of DNA is slowly coming back online and reconnecting our gossamer light body. This is critical in increasing our awareness of consciousness and also allows further upgrades to our biology to ensure we are able to live at ease within a new magnetic environment and resultant enhanced consciousness.

In closing, microwave radiation is classified as non-ionising yet its exposure eventually leads to cancer-causing effects within our biology. There is no technological reason why the telecom industries chose the microwave band portion of the spectrum as transmission frequencies. There is no technological reason why the telecom industries chose to amplitude modulate these microwave frequencies at the same or similar frequencies that mimic various brainwave states. There is no technological reason why the telecom industries decided to pulse these frequencies in the ways that they do. There is no technological reason why the telecom industries blatantly chose to ignore biological (non thermal) effects when setting up their safety standards protocols. There is no technological reason why analogue technology was ditched in favour of digital. In the midst of all these technological changes we have been sleepwalking yet it is now time to wake up and shake up. In the cool light of day as a non consumer of ‘smart’ devices and appliances, mobile phone technology was at its onset designed as a means to irradiate the global population with microwave signals capable of causing us biological harm. The infrastructure of masts, antennas and microwave-enabled consumer goods is within the consciousness of most technologically-driven societies. Very few people question the safety of these devices and in effect, most people have no or little idea on the biological damage they are causing to themselves or their children and other family members. We collectively need to question the status quo of these devices before the next set of ‘technological improvements’, such as 5G, is introduced into the very bosom of our homes and hearth. In a further article I will present a précis of safety data based on literature from the 1940s onwards in which I discuss scientific, medical and epidemiological studies related to the use of these high end microwave frequencies.

I know from a place of stillness within me that all the misplaced energies of the past few thousand years are surfacing for resolution. This is also a massive time of collective healing within the human psyche. I take responsibility for my share of past and current dark deeds. All of this I intimately understand and acknowledge because, as a sliver of God-Consciousness, I bravely wanted to experience all there is to experience. I am also aware that there is no-one in this room but me, we are All One, seemingly separate but of One Body experiencing the Grand Illusion of Life which is but a backdrop of infinite possibilities. Within this sea of infinite possibilities I choose love and life over living fearfully within a gilded cage. This is a time of awakening in which we shine our laser sharp light on all things within our consciousness. That is why I am confident that all of these issues will be resolved and in their place will be put exciting and environmentally benign technologies to serve the All instead of the few. If we never forget that Life is a Grand Illusion or, more appropriately, an infinite sea of possibilities in which to experience our god-self in all its expressions within this 3D theatre, there is nothing to fear and we can make a start in righting the wrongs of the past thousands of years.

Be still and know thyself. Throw out or modify those aspects of yourself that do not serve you. Question everything, believe nothing, seek nothing outside of yourself, reclaim your sovereignty and live without fear. Everything reported on from the media, European Union leaders, America, Israel, to name just a few, are fear-based. These entities engineer fearful situations to gain control of our psyche. This fear-based model of control should tell you they have lost the plot and cannot afford to dangle the carrot in front of us any longer. They are desperate people fighting for their way of life and biased values. In view of the masses of humanity who have awakened and many more still to awaken, microwave transmitters and consumer devices were chosen to imprison us. It is nothing more than a form of societal control. By remembering that everything in our reality is frequency-dependent including consciousness, we can break the spell of control just by shining our laser light consciousness on these dark deeds. Nothing more is required and once this is done, we find that our appetite for all digitally-enabled consumer devices becomes less and more manageable and we start to become human again. By the by, the reason for RFID chips implanted within our bodies is yet another desperate form of societal control. The Powers that Were would simply dial in frequencies to disrupt or entrain our biology and spiritual selves to make us docile, compliant and powerless. The same microwave technology could also be used in smart meters i.e. the Controllers transmit a set of frequencies via their smart meter hardware into our homes and neighbourhoods. If we define all digitally-enabled devices as being potentials tools of enslavement and entrainment we lessen the perils of electrosmog and by not complying with the wishes of the Elites, we can bring their Plan of Ages to a crashing halt.

An important point in relation to the imminent introduction of 5G devices, the ICNIRP issue advice and set safety standards on the maximum level of microwave exposure up to 300 GHz. In other words, the telecoms industries and government regulators will once again ignore non thermal effects simply because the ICNIRP for reasons best known to themselves base their safety setting standards on thermal effects only, caveat-emptor!!

In terms of being manipulated by forces outside of yourself, limit your playtime on TVs, computers and smartphones. Switch off all wifi-enabled devices when not in use, especially before you sleep. Throw out your Bluetooth devices and hard-wire your consumer devices (headphones, mice and keyboards) including the connection between your computer and router. Ensure there are no electrical devices within 1 m of your bed as you sleep, drink plenty of water, seek the paradise and grounds of nature, go for long walks, hug trees, feel the grass beneath your feet and revel in the freedom of You as you consciously go about your business. This Grand Illusion of Life was meant to provide a ‘playround’ in which to play. If we forget this, Life appears to be the driver within our lives and we become victim to it. If we understand that we are Infinite Possibilities of expression within a 3D reality, we can then consciously choose what we want to experience and Life once again becomes a Garden of Eden.



About the Author:

Dr. Ellis Evans underwent a significant spiritual awakening in 2014 in which many things in his mind fell like pins. One of the fruits of his awakening was an increased sensitivity to microwave radiation which is real and can be felt adversely within the lower chakras of the body. He has a website dealing with these issues:  He is also a spiritual counsellor for those undergoing deep spiritual awakening including spiritual emergency. His website can be found here:




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