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Moving into a new home or area if you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies


Almost every single person on planet Earth is to some degree, electro-sensitive. This is because we are bio-electrical in nature and our biology is easily swamped by strong electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Our physiological processes and wellbeing are reliant on the correct and coordinated electrical stimulation of nerves and glands in maintaining homeostasis. When our bio-electrical systems are swamped by strong electromagnetic frequencies, our biology simply goes haywire because nerves that should be firing do not and glands that should be releasing hormones stop working or are over-activated.

Pulsed microwave radiation is used by mobile phone equipment, smart TVs, home WIFI routers, tablets, buses, commercial WIFI ‘hotspots’, digital baby monitors, DECT phones, Bluetooth devices, smartmeters and telecommunications used by the emergency services. Collectively, these services and devices use frequencies between 900 MHz (megahertz) – 6 GHz (gigahertz). This portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is known as the microwave band. It is important that you understand that exposure to these frequencies are dangerous and we now have clear evidence they may cause cancer. I discuss in this article what is measured and why in a home and area radiometric survey. I also discuss a few measures you can take to reduce exposure to the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum known as ELFs (extremely low frequencies) – commonly known as ‘dirty electricity’.

Finally, I explain how you can use a cheap readily available old-skool portable radio to check for high signal electromagnetic frequencies in case you do not have funds for some of the fancy meters needed in these types of situations.

Mobile phone technologies use microwave frequencies to talk to each other. At the top of a mobile phone mast are antennas which transmit microwave frequencies, or signals, to our mobile phones. Each time we use a mobile phone, we bathe our bodies in a strong field of microwave EMFs. Microwave radiation adversely affects our biology by causing cancer and some individuals are affected more quickly than others. Our body response to microwave radiation EMFs can be defined somewhere along the spectrum between chronic sufferers i.e. ‘electro-sensitives’ and ‘acute sufferers’ known as electro-hyper-sensitives’ (EHS). Electro-sensitives appear to tolerate both strong and weak electromagnetic fields for long periods of time i.e. 15 – 25 years. However, there is now clear evidence that heavy users of mobile phones get cancers of the brain called glioblastomas and cancer of Schwann cells found within heart tissue. It is also interesting to note that brain tumours appear in those areas of the body that are in intimate contact with mobile phones. Prior to the introduction of mobile phone technologies, both these tumour types were relatively rare.



Electro-hypersensitives (EHS) on the other hand are immediately affected with symptoms ranging from hearing noises, metallic taste in mouth, a feeling of currents running down the body, headaches and insomnia. These unfortunate individuals cannot stay in areas saturated with strong or weak electromagnetic frequencies. Click here to understand what electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) is all about. Simply put, in order to function normally, EHS sufferers need to keep their exposure to EMFs as low as reasonably achievable. They must shield or shun themselves away from many of the gadgets everyone else takes for granted. Even very weak electromagnetic fields emitted from bedside radio clocks or phone chargers are enough to trigger a body reaction to some individuals. Electro-hypersensitives are very aware of other people having a smartphone in their pocket even when that phone is not being used by its owner. Depending on sensitivity, these individuals react to EMFs from the low and/or high end of the electromagnetic spectrum. In that sense, EHS and individuals suffering from mast cell disorder share similar aetiology. You could say these individuals are ‘allergic’ to modern day urban life with all its artificiality, chemical substances and soup of electromagnetic frequencies. The term EHS is accepted and understood in the Nordic countries but not recognized within the UK, Australia or America. Thus, medical doctors in most countries have no idea what is going on with any individual suffering from EHS symptoms.


Some EHS sufferers are so affected by EMFs that they have to resort to a primitive lifestyle away from modern life. A future article will look in more detail at what measures EHS sufferers can take to get their life back.  



Having clarified the difference between electro-sensitives and electro-hypersensitives, I focus in this article on the bulk of the population i.e. the electro-sensitives and how to proactively take measures to reduce exposure from microwave radiation and all the gadgets that use these frequencies.

Points to consider before moving into a new home or area

As a parent or individual, any measures you take to protect yourself from microwave radiation will also protect everyone else in your household. Children in comparison to adults have thinner skeletal bone mass, immature immune systems and large body organ sizes relative to small body size. They are therefore even more acutely affected by pulsed microwave radiation than adults. Even worse, the small physical size of children approximates a more efficient wavelength for microwave frequencies. This means that children absorb much higher intensities of pulsed microwave radiation compared to adults who have a much thicker skeletal bone, developed immune system and physically smaller body organs relative to body size.

 Key 24/7 microwave radiation transmitter sites to avoid in your neighbourhood

OK, you want to move sticks and you’ve done all your basic research prior to re-locating to your dream house in a new area. You are within the catchment area of your preferred school and within easy access of your favourite shops. The high street is festooned with butchers, bakers, candlestick-makers and a supermarket known for its organic produce and, wonders of wonders, within spitting distance of family and friends – what else do you need or could you ask for?  The issue nowadays of course is that all busy areas, especially city centres, are the places where the telecoms industries install all their microwave radiation antennas and routers. The telecoms giants make their money by installing microwave radiation transmitters in highly populated areas.

 Key sites of microwave transmissions to avoid are:

  • emergency services (hospitals, police, ambulance and fire stations)
  • car parks and large garages
  • large shopping centres
  • high streets
  • commercial WIFI ‘hotspots’
  • WIFI-enabled bus stations and busy major bus routes
  • mobile phone antennas and ancillary equipment.


All these sites emit particularly strong digitally pulsed microwave signals.  Their location can be identified using maps and other sources of local information, such as libraries and the internet. The location of mobile phone masts for example can be found using this link. Once identified, these areas can be avoided or their electro-magnetic assault on our biology can be minimized by attempting to keep a distance from all sources of transmitter antennas.


Key 24/7 pulsed microwave gadgets to avoid outside your front door and inside your home

It is fair to assume that anyone living within a 100m radius of your chosen home either uses a mobile phone and/or WIFI-enabled (microwave) devices. Clearly, one of the major points to consider when buying a house in a new area is to look at the density of houses within 100 m of your doorstep. Also check the density of multi-occupancy flats - these dwellings can easily be identified by the number of bins outside the front door and/or the number of satellite dishes on the building itself.  The next step is to sweep your potential area with an EMF meter at various times of the day and preferably by night as well to check signal intensities within 50 m – 100 m of your chosen home. It is very instructive walking around neighbourhoods with an EMF meter because it tells you the potential for microwave radiation exposure, including hotspots of microwave radiation from smart meters and external residential WIFI antennas.

A suitable EMF meter (also called electrosmog meter) to measure microwave radiation from all these sources must be able to determine frequencies up to 8 GHz. Youtube is a good source of information in selecting a suitable meter and these videos also tell you how to ‘sweep’ your house and immediate area so that you can determine signal intensity from any of these devices. One such link can be found here:

Depending on your sensitivity to the signal strengths of microwave-enabled devices around your potential home, you can make an informed choice whether this house is a good one for you. As a general rule of thumb, and assuming that you have chosen an area away from all commercial microwave transmission sites, anything above background is not acceptable. However, as for all the important decisions within Life, there is usually room for compromise. It would be amazing to live in the country with your nearest neighbour two miles away but for most folks, this is not a possible reality.


Steps you can take to reduce EMF exposure inside your home


  • switch off the WIFI and/or use it sparingly. Think about replacing WIFI using the old-fashioned Cat5e Ethernet hardwired alternatives for computer internet connectivity.


  • replace all WIFI-enabled devices with wired alternatives including mice, keyboard and computer speakers.


  • visualize your tablet as a mobile phone antenna sitting in the middle of your living room emitting strong microwave radiation every time you surf the internet or download files. In other words, use sparingly, switch off WIFI when not in use and ensure your children do not sit too long in front of it.


  • throw away any DECT phone, whether ‘eco’ model or not, and replace with a corded analogue phone. DECT phones have the highest microwave radiation signal of any consumer product and they transmit microwave signals 24/7 even when not in use.


  • personal assistants such as Google’s Alexa etc. should only be used sparingly and sporadically. These devices constantly monitor your conversation and are in constant contact with Google servers i.e. they are always on, either transmitting or receiving.


  • microwave-enabled gadgets such as fidget watches and other devices that check your heart, pulse, temperature etc. should be avoided like the plague. It is extremely dangerous to place these devices in close contact with your skin. If you suffer rashes, burns or feel electrical currents running up and down your wrist, it is your body telling you these devices are no good for health.


  • one of the greatest sins of our digitally-connected world is the use of baby monitors operating at 2.45 GHz microwave frequencies. These devices should be broken up and sent to the recycling centre. It is still possible to buy analogue baby monitors operating below 50 MHz. These types are much safer for your baby and you.


That’s about as much as I want to say on the type of issues I deal with in my home and area EMF radiometric surveys in relation to microwave radiation. I now discuss other EMF issues we need to be aware of in order to keep our exposure to EMFs as low as reasonably achievable.

Extremely low frequencies, (ELF) and electrical power in the home



At the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum are frequencies called ELFs, which are measured in hertz (Hz). These frequencies are generated every time you switch on an electrical device. You can identify and measure these electromagnetic fields with an ELF gauss meter. Your laptop, TV, fridge, washing machine and any other device using electricity produce these frequencies – this is basic physics and the norm.


Electrical gadgets inside the home

What is not normal is when an electrical device generates relatively high ELF signals due to poor design or faulty components. Consumer items to be very wary of include mass produced switch mode power supplies (PSUs) from China. You use these items every time you re-charge your phone and music players etc. The electrical strength of ELF waves is miniscule, yet the magnetic fields are the ones to be wary of. That is why it is not a good idea to have lots of electrical consumer gadgets in the bedroom or living room where you spend a lot of time. Exposure to varying magnetic fields over a period of time can lead to ill health and eventually cancer.

Reducing exposure to ELFs produced by your household gadgets is fairly easy to do: switch them all off at the socket when not in use including the myriad TV, DVD players etc. that have ‘standby’ functions built into them. There is no good reason to leave any piece of electrical equipment in ‘standby’ mode unless it was purposely built that way by the manufacturers for, want of a better word, undisclosed or clandestine purposes.

 Electricity outside the home

Electricity pylons, electrical transformer sub-stations, train stations and other types of heavy industrial infrastructures generate ELF frequencies. There are lots of scientific and epidemiological studies going back to the 1960s looking at the correlation between induction of cancer and the distance those individuals live from electrical generating systems. If you live within 250 m from any large infrastructure electrical generating equipment, your chances of cancer increase. More info can be found here.

All the above information on adverse biological effects resulting from the installation and use of 50 Hz – 60 Hz electricity is not new and has been around for at least 80 years. The issue is mostly technological and sociological i.e. how to balance societal evolvement versus safety of new and emerging technologies. The biological pollution from electricity has not been adequately resolved because no one knows how to replace 50 or 60 Hz mains wiring with a safer alternative system.

Today’s digital technology requires the same balancing act between societal/technological evolution and consumer safety. The same players are involved with the same predictable outcome in place. Those who produce, authorize and regulate these products say and hear nothing. This leaves the majority of consumers of smartphone and other digital devices in the dark as to the existence and nature of any problem. The majority of consumers of all these products have absolutely no idea that exposure to microwave radiation causes cancer. If they did, what parent would knowingly use a digital baby monitor?

Twenty years ago, the medical, scientific and epidemiological studies on non-thermal effects of microwave radiation on our biology were in their thousands. Throughout the past 20 years, health regulators the world over ignored all these studies because it was not the narrative they wanted anyone to hear. That has now changed because of a question asked by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in 1999. The simple question asked was: does exposure from microwave radiation used by mobile phone technologies cause cancer? This question was answered by another arm of the American Government which proved beyond reasonable doubt and having ‘clear evidence’ that exposure to microwave radiation induces cancer, notably to the brain and heart. The telecoms industries, ICNIRP and so-called health regulators cannot ignore these findings any further because these data were supplied by ‘one of their own’ with impeccable scientific credentials – the type of credentials that cannot be ignored.. The abstract of these studies can be found here:


I did promise to discuss a cheap and easy way to detect high signal intensity EMFs from microwave radiation antennas including WIFI routers and ELFs from electrical goods such as TVs, bedside clocks, phone chargers etc.


Cheap and easy way to detect high signal intensity microwave radiation signals

  • Find an AM portable radio. The AM stands for amplitude modulation.
  • Tune it to the longwave band at around 1500 kHz. Ensure you hear nothing but the white hiss of background and no radio station reception.
  • Find a local mobile phone mast and walk in a straight line towards it. As you approach the mast you will hear a difference in the white noise of the radio and the volume will increase.
  • As you get even closer to the mobile phone mast antennas, the noise from the radio increases dramatically and the pitch of the white noise also increases.
  • Slowly walk away from the mast and notice the change in nose from the radio. Eventually, the signal from the mobile phone mast will be lost in the white noise of the AM reception of your radio.


How to detect consumer gadgets emitting strong magnetic fields i.e. faulty PSUs  

  • Check phone charger for ‘dirty electricity’. Switch on charger at the mains but do not switch the charger on.
  • Tune AM radio to the AM band at a frequency around 1200 – 1500 kHz to ensure you have white noise with no radio station reception.
  • Move the radio to about 5 cm from charger and note noise. If there is no difference in noise, switch on charger and note any change in noise from radio.
  • As you move the radio towards the charger the volume should increase. Note the drop in volume as you move the radio away from the charger. The noise from the radio should drop dramatically approximately 10 – 20 cm from the charger.
  • If you are using a faulty charger, the magnetic field can be detected well in advance of 50 cm distance. The frequencies generated by faulty equipment are usually broadband noise and interference, hence the description, ‘dirty electricity’ 

Charity shops or ebay are good sources for finding cheap AM/FM/ shortwave radios. These radios have a fairly broad or wide ‘front end’ and do a reasonable job finding ‘off frequency’ strong signals. Cheap AM radios work well as EMF detectors because their ‘front end’ is easily swamped by strong signals that originate outside the chosen frequency. When we look for strong signals we hear a different type of noise from the radio which gets louder as we approach it. Check out a youtube video demonstration and everything will become clear.

In conclusion:

Do not expect government, local politicians or industry to come clean regarding their roles in championing a technology they already knew to be carcinogenic before Day One of its introduction to the masses. That is why not one of the telecoms giants, International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP) or the big hitting telecoms regulators such as Public Health England have carried out a single experiment to determine whether exposure to microwave radiation causes non-thermal effects such as cancer and heart irregularities.

In a future article I will detail the working relationship between the ICNIRP and the Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) of Public Health England. Long story short, the AGNIR of Public Health England which is the highest ranking expert working group within this UK government organisation was quietly disbanded a few years ago because of a conflict of interests. More to come on this – this has not been reported in the mainstream media.

Get involved and become your ‘own expert’. Find out about thermal versus non-thermal effects of microwave radiation on the body and base future choices on whether to use these devices and products from a position of understanding rather than following the latest fad, fashion or trend. The biggest news story of the past 20 years that you will not read about in the Daily Mail, Telegraph or Independent etc is that the National Toxicology Programme which is part of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently confirmed that their major cell phone rodent cancer study show ‘clear evidence’ that exposure to microwave radiation can induce cancer. This organization is one of a triad of US Government agencies that work on behalf of and represent the views of the US government. This piece of scientific work cannot be ignored by telecoms and their regulatory bodies any longer.


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What is involved in Home Survey

Mobile phone antennas & propagation

All about me - well almost

Student guide: how to reduce exposure whilst at university
What is EHS - electro-hyper-sensitivity
Spot the mobile phone masts in your neighbourhood