Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment Op-ed Dr Ellis Evans – Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment There is a silent war going on for control of our consciousness. A war on our consciousness is simply another method of attempted social control. It involves collusion between the military industrial complex, politicians and the media on a truly global scale. This ‘Trojan horse’ was … Read More

Official – exposure to cell phone frequencies causes cancer

Official: exposure to cell phone frequencies causes cancer Big thumbs up to Louis Slesin ( for sending me valuable links to these issues. Probably the most important and significant scientific research into exposure to cell phone frequencies has slowly been released in tranches since 2016. The latest data was released on 2 February 2018. The work was carried … Read More

Mobile phone antennas and their propagation characteristics

Mobile phone antennas and their propagation characteristics This page is split into several sections on issues related to mobile phone antennas and propagation. As a licensed radio amateur for over 31 years I want to dispense with much of the theory on electromagnetic and radiowaves and focus on the ‘headlines’. The ‘headline’ for microwave radiation can be stated … Read More

Background and backlash to mobile phone transmitting technology

Background to site contents Background: Back in the early 1990s there was widespread opposition to the installation of mobile phone masts. Why? In those days, the telecomms industries attempted to install mobile phone masts, antennas and transmitting equipment in or close to premises where large numbers of children would be gathered. Mobile phone technology was new to most … Read More

Deadly brain tumour rates increasing in the US and Europe – mobile phones to blame?

Deadly brain tumour rates increasing in US and Europe – mobile phones to blame? This article was first published in May 2017  By Dr Ellis Evans, Natural BlazeDeadly brain tumour rates on the increase in the UK, US, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden, is it attributable to mobile phones?A simple question posed by the telecommunications industries and its regulators is … Read More

is non-ionising radiation really safe?

I Is non-ionising radiation really safe? Posted on April 24, 2017Natural Living By Dr. Ellis Evans, Natural Blaze The telecoms industry and governmental regulators have consistently ignored or avoided meaningful discussion on the cancer risks from using mobile phone and other microwave devices such as DECT phones, smart-meters, etc. Our safety regulators also routinely disregard any form of criticism, … Read More

Grounding yourself in an electrosmog world

The importance of grounding As a species we evolved within a radioactive environment. Our bodies coped and adapted to three types of radioactive decay emitters, namely, alpha, beta and gamma particles. These radioactive decay emitters were found in the food we ate, the air we breathed and the water we drank. Energetically, our species also evolved within a … Read More

EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) and other problems of electrosmog

What is EHS? (electro-hyper-sensitivity) Elecro-hyper-sensitivity, or EHS, is the body’s extreme biological reaction to being immersed in a soup of electromagnetic fields from the microwave band i.e. 900 MHz – 30 GHz. The electro-hyper-sensitives are a small yet significant portion of the global population unable to function within areas of high and low signal intensity from microwave radiation. … Read More

5G and mass mind control

   5G Telecomm Radiation the Perfect Tool to Mass Modify Human Brain Waves : Waking Times  On 14 July 2016 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) of the USA made space available in the radio spectrum for consumer devices to operate within the 25 GHz to 100 GHz of the electromagnetic spectrum. It went on to say: “The Commission has … Read More

Mobile phone technology and mass mind control

Mobile phone frequencies and their effect on our etheric, spiritual and physical bodies   The light from our Central Sun is shining very bright; it is creative and full of Love. It will illuminate all those dark deeds that were hatched out between men in black suits in cigar-filled boardrooms all those years ago. The intent of those … Read More