The ‘golden question’ we would all like to know?


A little historical context – during the development of radar by all the so-called super-powers from the 1930s onwards, it was well known and documented that exposure to microwave radiation initiated many adverse biological effects including cancers. Between the 1940s and up to the present day, militaries around the world have been catalouging these effects. The question to ask the telecoms industries and their regulators – are they not aware that as far back as the 1930s, occupational exposure to microwave radiation led to many observed adverse biological as well as thermal effects. In fact, it was the norm to assess biological effects because the causes of the observed cancers needed to be understood much better.  Hard to believe? Download and check out this US military review of the available literature up to about the mid-1980s – you will be shocked to understand that even though many scientists defined microwave radiation as ‘non-ionising’ they knew exposure to these frequencies initiated cancers of different types. Click here.

People live in cities or large urban conurbations because of convenience. Schools, shops, supermarkets and transport hubs are close by. Many of us spend almost the entirety of our lives in these types of environments. Electricity pylons and their cables transfer electricity from one side of the city to the other. As you move electricity from one place to another, the voltage may drop. The role of an electrical substation is to ensure that the voltages delivered to properties remain more or less constant. Therefore both pylon-cables and electrical substations are actively working every second of every day.

Pylon cables carry electricity with voltages sometimes reaching and even exceeding 100,000 volts. The electricity carried along the cables creates both electric and magnetic fields. These fields are what are known as electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs. The major components of damage from these fields on our biology are due to the emission of their low frequencies and magnetic fields. Electricity pylon cables emit or radiate ELFs (extremely low frequencies) from about 20 Hz – 3000 Hz. These frequencies need a special ELF meter capable of detecting magnetic fields defined within Gauss or Tesla values. The signal intensity of these electromagnetic fields obey what is known as the ‘inverse square law’. This means that the signal intensity of the magnetic fields decreases with distance from its source. In other words, the further you are from an electricity carrying cable, the lower your exposure. It is clear that properties in close proximity to electricity pylons are cheaper than those further away – and for a good reason. However, estate agents, government ministers and utility regulators will not admit to anything being wrong unless you ask that ‘golden question’.

The ‘golden question’ on the lips of all those living or thinking of buying properties close to electricity pylons is ‘what is a safe distance from my property to these pylons?’ This is a very controversial question to ask because insufficient research has been carried out. The inconvenient truth is that environmental researchers from around the world have discovered leukaemia clusters in individuals living within 200 m from electricity pylon cables. Leukaemias are cancers of the blood and it is unusual to discover clusters of 3, 4 or 5 individuals in one place at one time. The electrical utility industries and their government regulators will never admit this because it would mean that much of the electricity-carrying infrastructure should be labelled as Class 1 carcinogens i.e. exposure to these frequencies is carcinogenic and therefore be scrapped.

In very general terms, I recommend being very cautious choosing to live within 200m from an electricity-carrying pylon. The only way to determine with any degree of comfort what is and what is not safe is to have a survey carried out to find the level of exposure you have within your property. The exposure values obtained can be referenced against the values of magnetic fields determined by researchers who have discovered cancer clusters in your and other countries. Based on the outcome of your survey results and its interpretation, it is then your decision whether to buy or continue to live in a particular property.

This article discusses how magnetic fields generated by electricity-carrying pylons are delivered to your doorstep. Part II of these articles is called ‘Dirty Electricity’ and it will discuss how to measure and evaluate EMFs generated in your home from any electrical appliance and how best to reduce your exposure to these fields.

If you require a survey to determine the levels of magnetic fields at your front door or inside your property call me to arrange a survey