Home Surveys

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) investigations


EMFguru Consultancy offers a consultancy service and two basic EMF (electromagnetic frequency) surveys.


EMF Home Survey:

This survey is recommended for existing homeowners. I come into your home and ‘sweep’ each room to measure and determine microwave hot spots. I advise strategies to minimise microwave exposure, particularly in those rooms which are regularly used, such as living rooms and bedrooms. I write a report and include data on those areas to avoid within your house. Sometimes it is as simple as moving your bed to the other side of your bedroom or the sofa to the opposite side of the living room. I also carry out a quick-and-simple check to see whether there is any ‘dirty electricity’. I also offer to check body voltage in those areas where you spend a lot of time in front of a TV or computer screen if I determine a high degree of gadget use. Finally, I check your house for ELF (extremely low frequency devices) and advise you on limiting exposure to these frequencies. The cost of the EMF Home Survey is £100.


EMF Home and Area Survey:

This survey is recommended for those looking to buy or about to buy a property in a new area, as well as for those suffering from electro-hypersentivity. In addition to the full home survey detailed above (provided you have access to your potential new home), I check for any sites of high intensity microwave signals in your neighbourhood, such as from emergency services, telephone exchanges, council offices, shopping malls and universities. I then check signal intensities of microwave radiation back to your potential new home. I write a report and detail which parts of your preferred neighbourhood are ‘no-go’ areas based on high signal intensity hot spots. The cost of the EMF Home and Area Survey is £150.



If you don’t require a full survey but have specific questions on the subject of exposure to microwave radiation, then my consultancy service is for you. This can be by email, telephone or in person and prices start at just £20 for an initial enquiry. If after this you decide to go on and have a full survey or other work, this initial fee will be deducted from the cost of any subsequent work.

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