What are EMFs and microwave radiation?

A little historical context – during the development of radar by all the so-called super-powers from the 1930s onwards, it was well known and documented that exposure to microwave radiation initiated many adverse biological effects including cancers. Between the 1940s and up to the present day, militaries around the world have been catalouging these effects. The question to ask the telecoms industries and their regulators – are they not aware that as far back as the 1930s, occupational exposure to microwave radiation led to many observed adverse biological as well as thermal effects. In fact, it was the norm to assess biological effects because the causes of the observed cancers needed to be understood much better.  Hard to believe? Download and check out this US military review of the available literature up to about the mid-1980s – you will be shocked to understand that even though many scientists defined microwave radiation as ‘non-ionising’ they knew exposure to these frequencies initiated cancers of different types. Click here.

We live in a swirl and whirl of ‘electrosmog’. Electrosmog is a term that describes a collection of artificially-produced radio signals emitted from almost anything requiring an antenna, battery or power supply to work. These frequencies are also called EMFs which is shorthand for electromagnetic frequencies. There is a whole spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies shown on the chart below.

EMF spectrum chart

Microwave radiation is the frequency of most concern in our digitally-connected modern life. Example 1, we place mobile phones next to our skin when we talk and listen, Example 2, we place a baby monitor next to our precious little bundle for hours and hours whilst they sleep. During all of this time, they are exposed to high energy microwave radiation. Think about it, we use the same bands of frequencies to magically cook foods. Microwave ovens by definition use microwave frequencies in order to operate. Microwave ovens can ‘cook’ food in seconds that normally take 15 minutes on a gas cooker!! Microwave radiation is also the frequency used by mobile cell phones, smartphones, smart TVs, smart meters, DECT cordless phones, smart watches or fitbits, wifi routers and anything connected to wifi such as computers/ laptops / tablets, baby monitors, airport full body scanners, Bluetooth devices and a fast increasing number of other consumer devices that connect you and your white goods to the Internet. This particular band of frequencies carries a lot of energy which is unseen and unfelt (for most!) by our senses.

Our exposure to microwave radiation is both very recent and increasing at an alarming rate through our digitally joined up world. Whilst we haven’t had much time to observe long-term side effects from such exposures, there is currently huge scientific debate about whether microwave radiation causes cancers of various types. Also, as a species, some of us are more less sensitive to microwave radiation than others. It is not readily apparent that those sleepness nights and constant migraines are caused by EHS, electro-hyper-sensitivity to microwave radiation from WIFI routers, mobile phones and other devices. Inevitably however, and there are many medical studies that are showing this, almost everyone is affected by microwave radiation over long time periods.

The biggest consistent brand culprit in terms of high radio-frequency radiation and their exposure to our biology including babies, children and the elderly are Apple products, especially their iphones, ipads, ipods and smart watches. 

Please inform yourself about the dangers of microwave radiation.