EMF (electromagnetic frequency) Investigations:

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Click here for a few medical study abstracts on the adverse effects of microwave radiation on our biology.

I carry out surveys on the signal intensities of microwave radiation from mobile phone antennas, emergency services transmitting antennas, WIFI and D.E.C.T. cordless digital phones etc. I write a report based on my findings and advise individuals on remediation techniques to reduce exposure to microwave radiation. This is a huge problem in urban areas, particularly city centres with a high density of police, ambulance, fire, shopping malls, universities, schools etc. I offer two basic packages:

(1) For existing homeowners I come into your home and ‘sweep’ each room to measure and determine microwave hotspots. I advise strategies to minimise microwave exposure, particularly those rooms which are regularly used, such as bedrooms and living rooms. I write a report and include data on those areas to avoid within your house. Sometimes it is as simple as moving your bed to the other side of your bedroom or the sofa to the opposite side of the living room.

(2) Before you move into your new neighbourhood I check for any sites of 24/7 high intensity microwave signals. I map these sources of microwave activities back to your potential new home or the area in which you are interested in moving to. Providing you have legitimate access to your new home, I carry out a detailed EMF investigation of your house, identify and ‘map’ areas of high signal intensity or simply ensure microwave signals are as low as reasonably achievable. I write a report and detail which parts of your preferred neighbourhood are ‘no-go’ areas based on high signal intensity microwave hot spots. I also advise on strategies in reducing ELF (extremely low frequencies) from consumer products.
(3) I also offer consultancy services to government agencies, lawyers, solicitors and members of the public. Generally speaking and providing it does not cause me to use time, I offer free advice. Obviously, in providing a consultancy service I charge a sliding scale based on whether you are a member of the public, a private or government organisation. Please contact me to discuss consultancy services, prices and your needs. 

Part of my remit in doing what I do is to raise awareness of the dangers inherent within the use of microwave-enabled consumer products and gadgets on human health. There are many sources of information on this website to increase the understanding of many of these issues. Being realistic, it is difficult telling someone, particularly parents that the latest WIFI-enabled present /gadget is just as deadly as mobile phones have always been. Making a connection between using and enjoying a consumer product and its deadly potentials on health some few years in the future is difficult to make clear. Yet, the truth is the truth, regardless of how many times government regulators tell us these products are “perfectly safe to use”. It is incumbent on anyone effected by microwave radiation to do what they can to reduce their own and by definition, everyone else close to them, radiation exposure. Eventually, this type of thinking will begin to spread leading to the large-scale abandonment of these types of consumerables. Based on their frequency of operation, these consumables should not be used in any society that calls itself modern or advanced. Of course, these consumerables are useful to have and offer many advantages in ensuring we stay connected to the internet and each other. Regardless of their many advantages to society, if microwave-enabled products are slowly killing us off, as a society we need to do something about it.


Prices for EMF Surveys:

(1) Carry out EMF Surveillance within your home from £100

(2) Carry out EMF Surveillance on area of your choice and within your potential home from £150

Please contact me to discuss further on 07547 486511 or (preferred mode): e.evans@emfguru.co.uk




There is normally no extra charge for me to come out to your house providing it is fairly local. If I think you live in a region of the UK in which my time and transport costs appear excessive, I will ask that transport expenses be covered as well.