Steps to reduce your exposure to mobile phone /WIFI microwave radiation

A little historical context – during the development of radar by all the so-called super-powers from the 1930s onwards, it was well known and documented that exposure to microwave radiation initiated many adverse biological effects including cancers. Between the 1940s and up to the present day, militaries around the world have been catalouging these effects. The question to ask the telecoms industries and their regulators – are they not aware that as far back as the 1930s, occupational exposure to microwave radiation led to many observed adverse biological as well as thermal effects. In fact, it was the norm to assess biological effects because the causes of the observed cancers needed to be understood much better.  Hard to believe? Download and check out this US military review of the available literature up to about the mid-1980s – you will be shocked to understand that even though many scientists defined microwave radiation as ‘non-ionising’ they knew exposure to these frequencies initiated cancers of different types. Click here.

If you are interested in reducing your exposure to microwave radiation, particularly in your own house, there are some very simple-to-implement steps you can take:

(1) Hardwire the connection between your router and computer. This should be the default option for most people although it may cause minor inconvenience to  users, it is the safest method connecting to the Internet. The choice is yours and if you really must use WIFI use it wisely and sparingly.  Familiarise yourself with your router so that you only use the WIFI when absolutely necessary and switch it off as soon as you have finished, especially before you go to bed. Ensure you do the same for all your WIFI-enabled gadgets or computer peripherals in your house such as mouse, keyboard and speakers. Ironically, having a hard-wired connection ensures you have a more stable and faster internet connection and less susceptible to hackers.

(2) Ensure that any WIFI-enabled gadget, such as your tablet or smart appliance, such as smart tv, have the WIFI connection option switched off, unless you absolutely need to use it at the time. Then switch the option back off as soon as you have finished.

(3) Check your broadband connection. BT (British Telecom) for example has several packages e.g. BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity customers in which your WIFI modem also acts as a hotspot or repeater for other WIFI users. In other words, your home WIFI modem effectively fulfills the same functions as a MOBILE PHONE TRANSMITTER in your living room that allows access to anonymous users to access the internet via your router connection. There is also a sting in the tail in that BT routers use two separate microwave frequencies employed, one at 2.4 GHz and the other at 5 GHz. No testing of product safety has been carried out on these products that explicitly investigate non-thermal biological effects. You can switch the WIFI off on BT routers and information on how to do it can be found here:—bt-home-hub-4-and-5


(4) One of the biggest sources of microwave radiation in the home are DECT cordless phones. They transmit microwave radiation 24/7, 365 days per year, regardless of whether they are being used or not. Replace any DECT phone with decent analogue types. There are several analogue telephones on the market with reasonable features of use. You may lose the freedom of being able to move around the house whilst on the phone, but you do not suffer any biological degradation of your health and that of your loved ones.

There are modern DECT phones on the market which only transmit carcinogenic microwave frequencies when you actually use the phone. When the phone is not being used, the phone does not transmit microwave radiation. Be very wary of these DECT phones as well (sometimes called eco-DECT) because whilst you use it talking to someone, you are still exposing your head to deadly microwave radiation.

(5) Carry your mobile phone away from your body and definitely not in your jacket or trousers’ front pocket or in your bra. Limit its usage to the bare minimum and choose to use an analogue telephone for anything other than a quick chat. Texting is better than calling, and when  calling is the only option, use the loud speaker, or at the very least keep the phone at least a couple of centimeters (1 inch) away from your head. See this link on the latest safety information on body exposures from France dubbed ‘Phonegate’:

(6) Check the frequency used by your baby monitor. If it uses microwave frequencies i.e. between 900 MHz – 2.4 GHz, it should be immediately chucked away and replaced with a monitor that operates with a frequency of no more than 30 MHz. Ebay is a good source of these older-analogue-type baby monitors. The issue is this, based on body size, babies have proportionately larger body organs than adults. This results in a much larger surface area or ‘target’ to be irradiated within a young body. The immune systems of babies by definition has not fully developed and they are more easily affected by microwave radiation. Do not use Bluetooth. Body exposures of babies from microwave radiation is by definition quite large simply because babies spend an awful lot of time sleeping and whilst they sleep they are irradiated by these emissions, day in and day out.

(7) Do not under any circumstances install a smart meter in your house. Your energy company may pressure you to accept one but you do not have to accept it. It is not a statutory or legal requirement. If in doubt contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or ask the utility company for a link that says homeowners must accept the removal of their perfectly safe analogue meter and its replacement by a ‘smartmeter’ that uses frequencies known to be carcinogenic.

There are other strategies to be considered in reducing exposure to microwave radiation. For most people, it is difficult to live anywhere other than in urban areas. As with most things in Life, a balance must be struck between living in the ways we would like to live and reducing some of the more negative aspects of our lifestyles.

(8) Resist the temptation to allow use of your smartphone by young children. Proportionally to their growing body size, immature organ growth and less developed immune system, their exposures are much higher than adult exposures. No safety testing has been carried out on mobile phone /smartphone usage other than testing the rise in skin temperature when exposed to microwave radiation for six minutes per day. Even the safety testing was performed on a plastic mannequin whose headsize was based on the 90th percentile of the US military male. In other words, safety levels developed for a 6 foot 2 inch US military male over 14 stone in weight is used by regulators as a safety template for all users including 12 month old babies.