Current Safety Standards:

Currently, (10/11/2015) no proper safety studies have recently been carried out on mobile phone /WIFI-enabled products and other gadgets that use frequencies within the microwave bands. The microwave bands have been used (mostly for radar) for over 50 years and there is a huge amount of safety-related data carried out by the US, UK, Russian and German militaries. Please click here to assess what the telecommunications industries have known for years, exposure to microwave frequencies induces cancers of various types. That is why current safety standards for WIFI, mobile phones etc. are based on thermal effects only. They know (as well as regulators) that any safety studies involving biological effects will quickly show the carcinogenic nature of exposure to microwave frequencies. Please note that no safety standards nor experimentation has been carried out on BLUETOOTH-enabled gadgets either. If you find all this hard to believe, check out this link:

Alternatively, Click here for a few medical study abstracts on the adverse effects of microwave radiation on our biology.

In the late 1980s there was a fertile resistance to the introduction of mobile phone antennas in schools and other places where children would be constantly exposed 24/7 365 days per year to microwave radiation. All Telecoms giants have big PR/advertising departments and someone here had the bright idea of completely ignoring anything and everything related to what was previously known about these issues. The whole debate surrounding safety and mobile phone frequencies was silenced simply by changing microwave frequencies to WIFI. It is ironic that by calling something ‘WIFI’ it sounds like hifi and is therefore seen by many as ‘benign’. What many people do not realise is their WIFI and other home connectivity gadgets operate on microwave frequencies and these frequencies cause many health and psychological problems.

The original health concerns over exposure to mobile phone /microwave radiation, however have not gone away. Nowadays and 15 years later, the medical and epidemiological evidence is overwhelmingly indicating a strong causal connection between exposure to microwave radiation and induction of a group of so-called ‘rare’ cancers. The 2011 classification by the IARC (a scientific/medical body) of the World Health Organisation say that exposure to microwave radiation is probably carcinogenic. This decision was based on the strong  evidence between mobile phone use and induction of gliomas – that is fact and cannot be disputed by the Telecoms industries nor the regulators. Unfortunately for us, Science will always be behind the curve in alerting us to any dangers inherent within the widespread use of any technology. Providing direct case-effect relationships between anything is an almost impossible task – it is not easy. That is why it took many thousands of dead bodies and stunted physiological growth of global citizens before governments anywhere to decide to take action on smoking. The same can also be said for DDT, Roundup Ready pesticides (glyphosphates) and infamously, lead in petrol and other goods.

As parents and concerned global citizens, it is we who should make any decisions on whether or not to use any gadget or product that uses microwave frequencies. It is our compliance and ignorance about what is truly going on which has allowed the telecoms industries to develop all sorts of consumables which integrate us into the worldwide web. Nothing is ever said about the potential and real dangers of the ability of this technology to induce cancer.

Like most devices we use, mobile phones etc. have positive functions within society. It is the frequency of their operation which cause cancers and that must be changed. These issues will be developed later (see link here) with reference to schools adopting a ‘precautionary’ approach to the introduction of WIFI into schools and for society. At this stage of the game it is clear that education and access to free and unbiased information on these issues will be key to how we as individuals, solve these issues. Providing people are given a balanced overview of the pros and cons of being anywhere near microwave frequencies, people like me will be doing our jobs and our job is mostly one of education on the unspoken side of what microwave frequencies realy mean to us as a species. The telecoms industries will rise or fall based on society’s collective decision on whether they value their own safety over being connected to the internet. The absolute state of the game is built on this very simple premise. Keep people in ignorance and you can do anything you want but once people understand the cons as well as the pros, respect their decision.

Part of my remit in doing what I do is to raise awareness of the dangers inherent within the use of microwave-enabled consumer products and gadgets on human health. There are many sources of information on this website to increase the understanding of many of these issues. Being realistic, it is difficult telling someone, particularly parents that the latest WIFI-enabled present /gadget is just as deadly as mobile phones have always been. Making a connection between using and enjoying a consumer product and its deadly potentials on health some few years in the future is difficult to make clear. Yet, the truth is the truth, regardless of how many times government regulators tell us these products are “perfectly safe to use”. It is incumbent on anyone effected by microwave radiation to do what they can to reduce their own and by definition, everyone else close to them, radiation exposure. Eventually, this type of thinking will begin to spread leading to the large-scale abandonment of these types of consumerables. Based on their frequency of operation, these consumables should not be used in any society that calls itself modern or advanced. Of course, these consumerables are useful to have and offer many advantages in ensuring we stay connected to the internet and each other. Regardless of their many advantages to society, if microwave-enabled products are slowly killing us off, as a society we need to do something about it.

If you are interested in reducing your exposure to microwave radiation, particularly in your own house, there are some very simple-to-implement steps you can take:

(1) Hardwire the connection between your router, computer and telephone line. Ensure you do the same for any WIFI-enabled gadgets or computer peripherals in your house such as mouse, keyboard and speakers. Having a hard-wired connection ensures you have a more stable and faster internet connection.

(2) One of the biggest sources of microwave radiation in the home are DECT cordless phones. They transmit microwave radiation 24/7, 365 days per year, regardless of being in use or not. Replace them with decent analogue types. There are several on the market with reasonable features of use. You lose the ‘freedom’ of not being able to move around the house but at least you do not suffer any biological degradation on your health and that of your loved ones.

(3) Check your broadband connection. British Telecom (BT) for example have several packages e.g. BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity customers in which your WIFI modem also acts as a hotspot or repeater for other WIFI users. In other words, your home WIFI modem effectively fulfills the same functions as a microwave transmitter in allowing anonymous users to access the internet via your connection. There is also a sting in the tail in that there are two microwave frequencies employed, one at 2.4 GHz and the other at 5 GHz. No testing of product safety have been carried out on these products that explicitly investigate non-thermal biological effects. People who sign up to these packages since March 2009 will already be members of BT Wi-fi unless they have opted out. To opt out of this feature, login to your account and stipulate you are not interested in this feature and you can then switch off both WIFI frequencies used within BT-WIFI. You simply hardwire your modem between your computerFebruary 22, 2017t upgrades and updates’ it is possible for BT to opt you back into this feature. The only thing you can do is to buy a meter to periodically check whether your WIFI modem is or is not using WIFI in any context.

(4) Baby monitors using microwave frequencies i.e. between 900 MHz – 2.4 GHz and they should be immediately chucked away and replaced with a monitor that operates with a frequency of no more than 30 MHz. Ebay is a good source of these older-analogue-type baby monitors. The issue is this, based on body size, babies have proportionately larger body organs than adults. This results in a much larger surface area or ‘target’ to be irradiated within a young body. The immune systems of babies by definition has not fully developed and they are more easily affected by microwave radiation.

There are other strategies to be considered in reducing exposure to microwave radiation. For most people, it is impossible to live other than in urban areas. As with most things in Life, a balance must be struck between living in the ways we would like to live and reducing some of the more negative aspects of our lifestyles.