How to reduce your exposure from a neighbour’s WIFI router or DECT cordless phone

I recently discovered that we had a problem with microwave radiation in my son’s bedroom. This was caused by my neighbour’s WIFI router. My meter showed high readings, mostly limited to one corner of my son’s bedroom. The WIFI router emitted a fairly powerful signal and I measured 6.5 volts per metre squared on one spot on his … Read More

Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment
| Op-ed Dr Ellis Evans – Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment There is a silent war going on for control of our consciousness. A war on our consciousness is simply another method of attempted social control. It involves collusion between the military industrial complex, politicians and the media on a truly global scale. This ‘Trojan horse’ was … Read More


Welcome to EMFguru Consultancy   Welcome to my website, where you will find a wealth of information regarding high end electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their dangers to our health. A little historical context – during the development of radar by all the so-called super-powers from the 1930s onwards, it was well known and documented that exposure to microwave radiation … Read More

is non-ionising radiation really safe?
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I Is non-ionising radiation really safe? Posted on April 24, 2017Natural Living By Dr. Ellis Evans, Natural Blaze The telecoms industry and governmental regulators have consistently ignored or avoided meaningful discussion on the cancer risks from using mobile phone and other microwave devices such as DECT phones, smart-meters, etc. Our safety regulators also routinely disregard any form of criticism, … Read More

Useful videos on cell phone exposure reduction and safety

In this section you will find a collection of links to various informative videos, such as scientific and epidemiological studies on harm caused by microwave-enabled devices, how to use a meter to detect microwave signals around your home and what other countries are doing to reduce exposure to microwave radiation.   Up to date information on scientific and … Read More