EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) and other problems of electrosmog

What is EHS? (electro-hyper-sensitivity) Elecro-hyper-sensitivity, or EHS, is the body’s extreme biological reaction to being immersed in a soup of electromagnetic fields from the microwave band i.e. 900 MHz – 30 GHz. The electro-hyper-sensitives are a small yet significant portion of the global population unable to function within areas of high and low signal intensity from microwave radiation. … Read More

Mobile phone technology and mass mind control

Mobile phone frequencies and their effect on our etheric, spiritual and physical bodies   The light from our Central Sun is shining very bright; it is creative and full of Love. It will illuminate all those dark deeds that were hatched out between men in black suits in cigar-filled boardrooms all those years ago. The intent of those … Read More